Halogen Lamp Base: P20d-Series
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
9005T4 12V 65W 5.8A P20d HALOGENT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-81265
9005/100WT4 12V 100W 7.8A P20d HALOGENT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-812100
9005L(plus)T4 12V 65W P20d LOW/HIGH BEAM HALOGENT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-812.865
9005LLT4 12V 65W 5.8A P20d LONGLIFE HALOGENT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-81265
9040T4 12V 40W P20d-40t HALOGENT4P20d-40tC-61240
9045 T4 12V 45W P20d-45t HALOGENT4P20d-45tC-61248
9140T4 12V 40W P20d-40A HALOGENT4P20d-40AC-81240
9155T4 12V 55W P20d-55a HALOGENT4P20d-55aC-81255
HIB9005 100W WhiteMax Off-RoadOFF-ROAD T4 12V 100W 5.4A P20d XWU HIB WhiteMax 2-PackT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-812100
HIB9005 BrightMaxT4 12V 65W 5.4A P20d XWU HIB BrightMax 2-PackT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-81265
HIB9005 UltraMaxT4 12V 65W 5.0A P20d XWU HIB UltraMax Twin PackT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-812.865
HIB9005 WhiteMaxT4 12V 65W 5.4A P20d XWU HIB WhiteMax 2-PackT4Right Angle Prefocus P20dC-81265
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