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Image Part # Description Volts Watts Bulb Shape Base Style
A1ANeon Lamp (NE-2)105/1250.04T-2Wire Terminal
A9ANeon Lamp (NE-2E)105/1250.08T-2Wire Terminal
B1ANeon Lamp(NE-51)105/1250.07T-3 1/4 pMiniature Bayonet (BA9s)
B2ANeon Lamp (NE-51H),resistor not included105/1250.08T-3 1/4 pMiniature Bayonet (BA9s)
B7A-PNeon Lamp105/1252.4T-4 1/2 pCandelabra Screw (E12)
C2ANeon Lamp (NE-2H)105/1250.23T-2Wire Terminal
C7ANeon Lamp (NE-2D)105/1250.001T-2S.C. Midget Flanged
C9ANeon Lamp (NE-2J)105/1250.002T-2S.C. Midget Flanged
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