Halogen Lamp Base: Bi-Pin
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
1A/27WT4 12V 27W 2A G7.1 Bi-Pin HALOGENT4G7.1 Bi-PinC-61227
1A/50WT4 12V 50W 4.1A G7.1 Bi-Pin HALOGENT4G7.1 Bi-PinC-61250
27H1T3 1/4 12V 27W 2.1A Bi-Pin HALOGENT3 1/4Bi-PinC-61230
37.5H1T3 1/4 12V 37.5W Bi-pin HALOGENT3 1/4Bi-PinC-61243
778T2 3/4 G4 Bi-Pin 6V 20W 32CP HALOGENT2 3/4G4 Bi-PinC-6620
780T2 3/4 12V 1A 22CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 3/4G4 Bi-PinC-61212
782T2 3/4 12V 1.66A 25CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 3/4G4 Bi-PinC-61220
783T2 1/4 12V 1A 22CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-61212
784T2 1/4 6V 1A 6W G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-666
785T2 1/4 6V 1.33A 13CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-668
786T2 1/4 6V 2A 19CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-6612
787T2 1/4 6V 1.67A 16CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-6610
788T2 1/4 6V 3.33A 32CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 1/4G4 Bi-PinC-6620
789T2 3/4 12V 1.17A 22CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 3/4G4 Bi-PinC-81214
790T2 3/4 14V 1.79A 42CP G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT2 3/4G4 Bi-PinC-61425
891T3 12V 8W G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT3G4 Bi-PinC-6128
FCRT3 12V 100W G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT3G4 Bi-PinC-612100
JC10 T3 12V 10W G4 JC TYPE G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT3G4 Bi-PinC-61210
JC20T3 12V 20W G4 Bi-Pin JC TYPE HALOGENT3G4 Bi-PinC-61220
JCDT3 120V 150W G4 Bi-Pin HALOGENT4G4 Bi-PinCC-6120150
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