Miniature Bulb: T-5
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
10T5DC/140VT5 140V 10W DC BAYONETT-5D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-7A14010
10T5E14/140VT5 140V 10W E14 BASET-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A14010
10T5E14/60VT5 60V 10W E14 BASET-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A6010
12182PW24W HTR 12V 24WT-5WP3.3x14.5/3C-8Z1224
1434T5 SC BAY 3.7V 2.75A 11CPT-5S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-63.710.175
1876T5 SC BAY 3.5V 2.5A 6.5CPT-5S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-63.58.75
250/220V-B15DT5 250/220V 10/6W B15DT-5D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-7A250/22010/6w
250/220V-E14T5 250/220V 10/6W-E14T-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A2506
45/36V-E-14T5 45/36V 10/6W E14T-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-645/3610/6W
579T5 WEDGE 12V 0.75A 9CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R129
901T5 WEDGE 12.8V .335A3.7CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.83.968
904T5 WEDGE 13.5V .69A 4CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906T5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906AT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-AMBERT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906BT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-BLUET-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906FT5 WEDGE 13V .69A FROSTEDT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906GT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-GREENT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906NAT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-AMBERT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906PT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-PURPLET-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906RT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-REDT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
906YT5 WEDGE 13V .69A 6CP-YELLOWT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.59.315
908T5 WEDGE 6V 1.5A 12CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R69
909T5 WEDGE 6V .62A 3CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R63.72
912T5 WEDGE 12.8V 1A 12CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.8
912/24VT5 WEDGE 24V .7A 21CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R2416.8
912BT5 WEDGE 12.8V 1A 12CP BLUET-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.8
912FT5 WEDGE 12.8V 1A FROSTEDT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.8
912NAT5 WEDGE 12.8V 1A NATURAL AMBERT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.8
914T5 WEDGE 4V .9A 3.5CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R43.6
915T5 WEDGE 12.0V .75A 11CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R129
916T5 WEDGE 13.5V .54A 2CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.57.29
916NAT5 WEDGE 13.5V .54A 1.5CP NATURAL AMBERT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F13.57.29
917T5 WEDGE 12V 1.2A 10CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R1214.4
918T5 WEDGE 12.8V .56A 6.5CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.87.168
920T5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.20A 10CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F12.815.36
921 (W16W)T-5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.4A 21CP (W16W)T-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
921FT-5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.4A 21CP FROSTEDT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
921LLT-5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.4A 21CP LONG LIFET-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
921NAT-5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.4A NATURAL AMBERT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
921XT-5 WEDGE 12.8V 1.4A 21CP XENONT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
922T5 WEDGE 12.8V .98A 15CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.544
922FT5 WEDGE 12.8V .98A 15CP FROSTEDT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.544
923T5 WEDGE 12.8V .9A 12.5CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.811.648
926T5 WEDGE 4V 1.8A 7.5CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R47.2
927T5 WEDGE 6.0V 1.2A 8.0CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R67.2
928T5 WEDGE 28V 0.3A 6CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2F288.4
939T5 WEDGE 6V 0.90A 7.5CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R65.4
963T5 WEDGE 6.0V 2.0A 15CPT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R612
HIB912 WMT5 Wedge 12.8V WhiteMaxT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.812.8
HIB921 WMT-5 Wedge (W2.1X9.5d) 12.8V (W16W) WhiteMaxT-5Wedge (T-5)C-2R12.817.92
PC579PC579 T5 Lamp PC Socket GrayT-5Printed CircuitC-2R12.810.2

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