Miniature Bulb: T-3
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
1474T3 M SCREW 14V .17A 1.7CPT-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V142.38
1476T3 M SCREW 18V .17A 2.2CPT-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V183.06
211-2T3 D END CAP 12.8V .97A 12CPT-3Miniature CapC-812.812.416
212-2T3 D END CAP 13.5V .74A 6CPT-3Miniature CapC-813.59.99
214-2T3 END CAP 13.5V 0.52A 4CPT-3Miniature CapC-813.57
560T-3 MINI CAP 14V 6.16W 2CPT-3Miniature CapC-8146.16
561T3 Rigid Loop 12.8V .97A 12CPT-3Rigid LoopC-812.812.416
562T3 RIG LOP 13.5V .74A 6CPT-3Rigid LoopC-813.59.99
563T3 Rigid Loop 13.5V 7W 0.52AT-3Rigid LoopC-813.57.02
564T3 Rig Loop 14V 0.44A 2CPT-3Rigid LoopC-814.06.16
567T3 Rigid Loop 12.8V 10W 9CPT-3Rigid LoopC-812.810
578T-3 MINI CAP 12.8V 10W .78AT-3Miniature CapC-812.89.98
E211-2T3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CPT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2AT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-AMBERT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2BT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-BLUET-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2GT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-GREENT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2PT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-PURPLET-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2RT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-REDT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2YT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-YELLOWT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E212-2T3 FESTOON 13.5V .74A 6CPT-3Festoon CapC-813.59.99
E214-2T3 FESTOON 13.5V .52A 4CPT-3Festoon CapC-813.57.02

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