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Image Part # Description Volts
Watts Bulb Shape Base Style Filament
XPR3XENON PR 3.6V 0.85A 3.3CP 40HRS3.63.1T-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R
2450XFT3 1/4 24V .208A 4.4CP XENON FROSTED244.992T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V
2475XT3 1/4 WEDGE 24V .31A XENON247.5T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F
XPR24T3 1/4 24V 0.45A 180LM 150HRS XENON -SPECIAL BUY2410.80T3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V
FT2405XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 5W 245T3 1/4Festoon CapC-8
FT2410XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W 2410T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8
FT2410XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W-FROST 2410T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8
XPR19XENON PR 19.2V 0.60A 13.8CP 150HRS19.211.52T-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V
XPR18XENON PR 18V 0.59A 14.3CP 150HRS1810.6T-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R
XPR16XENON 15.6V 0.7A 14.3CP 150H15.610.92T-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R
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