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Image Part # Description Volts
Watts Bulb Shape Base Style Filament
7537 (P21/5W)S-8 D.C. INDEX BAY15d 24/21V (P21/5W)24/2421.12/5.04S-8D.C. Index (BAY15d)C-6/C-6
2845 (W5W 24V)T3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 24V 0.208A 2.45CP (W5W 24V)245T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V
3930 (T4W)T-2 3/4 S.C.BA9s 24V 4W .17A 2.8CP (T4W 24V 4W)244T-2 3/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F
5627 (R5W 24V 5W)T-6 BA15s 5W 24V .2A 4CP (R5W)245T-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2V
5637 (R10W 24V)T6 24V 10W 0.42A2410T-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2V
7511 (P21W 24V)S-8 S.C. BA15s 24V 21W .87A 36CP (P21W)2421S-8S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)CC-6
2841 (W3W 24V)T3 1/4 WEDGE 24V 3W (W3W)243T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V
6423 (C5W 24V)T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 24V 5W .20A 3.6CP SV8.5MM245T-3 1/4Festoon Cap (SV8.5-8)C-8
7528 (P21/5W)S8 DC INDEX BAY15d 12V 1.64/0.42A 35/2.78CP (P21/5W)13.5/13.521/ 5S-8D.C. Index (BAY15d)C-6/C-6
7225 (P21/4W)S8 INDEX DC BAZ15d 12V 1.75/.33A 35/ 1.20CP (P21/4W)12.80/ 1228.80/ 3.96S-8D.C. Index (BAZ15d)C-6/C-6
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