INCANDESCENT LAMPS by Bulb Shape [any voltage]

Bulb: T-1
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
7683T1 5V .06AT-1Bi PinC-2R50.3
7257T1 2.5V 0.8W 0.32A 0.21CP Bi PinT-1G1.27 Bi PinC-2R2.50.8
7839T1 28V 0.02A 0.56W Bi PinT-1G1.27 Bi PinC-2F280.56
2A001T1 2.7V 0.32A .70CP BI-PINT-1M-23 Bi-PinC-62.70.86
3A001T1, 1.35V, 0.43WT-1M-23 Bi-PinC-61.350.432
685T1 5V .06AT-1Sub-Midget Flanged (F3-6)C-2R50.3
718T1 5V .115A .15CP S2T-1Sub-Midget Flanged (F3-6)C-2R50.75
6839T1 28V .0.24A .15CPT-1Sub-Midget Flanged (F3-6)C-2F280.672
8605T-1 5V .09W 0.018A SX4ST-1SX4sC-2R50.09
680T1 Wire Terminal 5V .06A .03CPT-1Wire TerminalC-2R50.3
715T1 5.0V WIRE TERMINAL MOL.38"T-1Wire TerminalC-2R50.58
2022T1 5V .21A .15CP WT MOL.64"T-1Wire TerminalC-2R51.05
6838T1 W.T. 28V .024A .15CPT-1Wire TerminalC-2R280.672
7152T1 5.0V .115A .15CP-WT MOL.64"T-1Wire TerminalC-2R50.575
7219T1 W.T. 12V .06A .15CPT-1Wire TerminalC-2F120.72
8111T1 WIRE TERM 14V .065W .15CPT-1Wire TerminalC-2F140.91
7152RRED T1 5.0V .115A .15CP-WT MOL.64"T-1Wire TerminalC-2R50.575

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