INCANDESCENT LAMPS by Bulb Shape [any voltage]

Bulb: G-6
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
1471G6 CAND SCREW 12.0V .26A 2.3CPG-6Candelabra Screw (E12)C-2V123.12
509KG6 24V 0.18A 2.8CP E12G-6Candelabra Screw (E12)C-2F244.32
62G-6 D.C. BA15d 3.45V .84A 1.9CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R3.452.898
64G-6 D.C. BA15d 7V .63A 3CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R74.41
68G-6 D.C. BA15d 13.5V .59A 4CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R13.57.965
82G-6 D.C. BA15d 6.5V 1.02A 6CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R6.56.63
90G-6 D.C. BA15d 13V .58A 6CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6137.54
99G-6 D.C. BA15d 13V .62A 6CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V13.08.06
200G-6 DC BAY 4V .85A C2RG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R43.4
304G-6 D.C. BA15d 28V .3A 6CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2F288.4
624G6 DC BA15d 28V .37A 6CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)2C-62810.36
1178G6 DC BAY 13.5V .69A 4CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V13.59.315
1224G6 DC BAY 32.0V .16A 3.8CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2F325.12
1252G6 DC BAY 28.0V .23A 3CPG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)2C-6286.44
1178AG6 DC BAY 13.5V .69A 4CP AMBERG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V13.59.315
90-IG6 D.C.BA15d 13.0V 0.58A 6CP NICKEL BASEG-6D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2R137.54
12277G-6 G16,4 P13W 12V PG18.5d-1G-6PG18.5d-1C-8Z1213
12278PSX26W PG18,5d-3 12V 26W 2.17AG-6PG18.5d-3C-8Z1226
2504PSX24W 12V 24W 2A 40CP fog LightG-6PG20C-8Z1224
12085PS19W PG20-1 12V 19W 1.58AG-6PG20-1C-8Z1219
5202PS24W Fog Light 12V 24W 2A 40CPG-6PG20-3C-8Z1224
5200SG-6 E18 PSY24W 12V PG20/4 SILVER VISION PLUS 12180G-6PG20-4C-8Z1224
12188NAPSY24W PG20-4 12V 24W 2A Natural AmberG-6PG20-4C-8Z1224
12275G-6 E18 PSY19W 12V PG20/2 NATURAL AMBERG-6PG20/2C-8Z1219
5200G-6 E18 PY24W 12V PGU20/4 NATURAL AMBERG-6PGU20-4C-8Z1224
12184HPC16W PU20d-1 13.5V 16W 1.19A HiPerClickG-6PU20d-1C-8Z13.516
12271NAG-6/G16.4 13.5V 16W PU20d/2 NATURAL AMBERG-6PU20d-2C-8Z13.516
12185HPC19W PU20D-3 13.5V 19W 1.41A HiPerClickG-6PU20d-3C-8Z13.519
12272NAHiPer E18 13.5V 24W PU20d/6 NATURAL AMBERG-6PU20d-6C-8Z13.524
67AG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .59A 3CP PAINTED AMBERG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.97
63G-6 S.C. BA15s 7V .63A 3CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-674.41
67G-6 S.C. BA15s 13.5V .59A 4CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.97
69G-6 S.C. BA15s 13.5V .59A 4CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.965
81G-6 S.C. BA15s 6.5V 1.02A 6CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-66.56.63
89 G-6 S.C. BA15s 13V .58A 6CP G-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-6137.54
97G-6 S.C. BA15s 13.5V .69A 4CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.59.3
98G-6 S.C. BA15s 13V .62A 6CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2V138.06
303G-6 S.C. BA15S 28V .3A 6CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-6288.4
623G6 SC BAY 28V .37A 6CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)2C-62810.36
631G6 SC BAY 14V .63A 6CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)2C-6148.82
1155G6 SC BAY 13.5V .59A 4CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)2C-613.57.965
1251G6 SC BAY 28.0V .23A 3CPG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)2C-6286.44
303XG6 28V 0.30A 6CP SC BA15SG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2F288.4
67NBG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .59A 4CP NATURAL BLUEG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.97
67NGG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .59A 4CP NATURAL GREENG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.97
67NPG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .59A 4CP NATURAL PURPLEG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-613.57.97
89LL G6 SC BA15s 13V 0.58A 6CP LONG LIFEG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-6137.54
97-IG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .58A 6CP NICKELG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2V13.57.83
CE1 G6 BA15s 34V 0.16A 3.8CP CC-6G-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)CC-6345.44
CE15G6 24V 12W BA15sG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2F2412
97AG6 SC BA15s 13.5V .69A .32CP AMBERG-6S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)C-2V13.59.3
12181SVPWY24W 12V 24W 2A WP3.3x14.5/4 AMBER SILVER VISIONG-6WP3.3x14.5/4C-8Z1224
12181NAPWY24W 12V 24W 2A WP3.3x14.5/4 NATURAL AMBERG-6WP3.3x14.5/4C-8Z1224

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