Low vs. High Beams vs. Dual Beams

Fog lights provide additional light to the front of the vehicle; they are used with low beam headlights in order to provide improved visibility. Fog lights are not required by law and are only found in certain vehicles, typically found in the front bumper of a car or truck in their own separate assembly.

Daytime running lights (DRLs) are also known as "signature lights;" these low-wattage lights can be found on the front near the sides of your vehicle and point downwards, and automatically activate when you engage the vehicles ignition. Their purpose is to illuminate the car's front, to make your car more visible to drivers and pedestrians when you are approaching. DRLs are not required by law, although many passenger vehicles already have them installed.

Cornering lights are an additional safety feature; they aid the driver when turning corners or switching lanes by providing additional illumination by casting light on the area of the road to the side of the vehicle. These lights can be located near the front of the vehicle and sometimes the back, and are automatically activated when your turn signal is used.

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