CEC provides replacement sockets for use with halogen bulbs to plug into your vehicle. Please reference the chart below to find the right Socket P/N that fits with the type of halogen bulb.

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Image Part # Description Notes
85904HIGH TEMP HEADLIGHT SOCKET 9004/9007Fits all 9004 & 9007
85905HIGH TEMP HEADLIGHT SOCKET H4/9003Fits all H4 & 9003
85906Socket For 9005 9005XS Halogen lamps,5 7/16" LeadsFits 9005 & 9005XS
85907Socket For 9006 9006XS Halogen lamps,5 7/16" LeadsFits 9006 & 9006XS
85908Socket For 9008 Halogen lamps,11-1/16" LeadsFits 9008 (H13)
85909Socket For H7 Halogen lamps,5-3/4" LeadsFits all H7
85910Socket For H8,H11 Halogen lamps,10-11/16" LeadsFits all H8 & H11
85911Socket For H9 Halogen lamps,10-11/16" LeadsFits all H9
85913Socket For 800 Series Rt Angle Halogen lamps,10-11/16" LeadsFits all 800 Series, Right Angle
85914Socket For 800 Series Axial Halogen lamps,10-3/4" LeadsFits all 800 Series, Axial
85915Socket For 9000 Series H10,H12 Halogen lamps,10-5/16" LeadsFits 9000 Series, H10 & H12
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