Miniature Bulb: T-1 3/4
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
17T-1 3/4 WEDGE 28V .07A .65CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F281.82
1705T1 3/4 14V 0.08A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.12
1767-1T1 3/4 M SCREW 2.5V .2A .2CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2R2.50.5
1767-69LT1 3/4 M SCREW 2.5V .2A .2CP LENS ENDT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2R2.50.5
1768T1 3/4 MS 6V .2A .6CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2R61.2
1769T1 3/4 MS 2.5V .2A .2CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2R2.50.5
1783T1 3/4 WIRE TERM 2.5V .2A .22CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2R2.50.5
18T-1 3/4 WEDGE 14V .04A .13CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F140.56
2162T1 3/4 14V 1.4W .1A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.4
2162DT1 3/4 WT 14V .1A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.4
2182DT1 3/4 WT 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.12
2187T1 3/4 28V .04A .30CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F281.12
269T-1 3/4 S.C. Midget Flanged 32V .04AT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F321.28
327T1 3/4 S.C. Midget Flanged 28V .04A .34CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F281.12
328T1 3/4 S.C. Midget Flanged 6V .2A .34CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2R61.2
330T1 3/4 S.C. Midget Flanged 14V .08A .5CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F141.12
334T1 3/4 MID GRV 28V .04A .34CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F281.12
335T1 3/4 MID SCREW 28V .04A .34CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2F281.12
336T1 3/4 MID GROOVED 14V .08A .5CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F141.12
338T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 2.7V .06A .04CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2R2.70.162
342T1 3/4 SC MID 6.0V .04A .03CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2V60.24
345T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 6V .04A .03CPT-1 3/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V60.24
367T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 10V .04A .08CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F100.4
368T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 2.5V 0.20A 0.22MSCPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2R2.50.5
37T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .09A .5CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.26
373T1 3/4 MS 14V .08A .5CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2F141.12
376T1 3/4 SC MID FL 28V .06A .34CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F281.68
378T1 3/4 MS 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2F6.31.26
379T1 3/4 MID GRV 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F6.31.26
381T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F6.31.26
382T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F141.12
385T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 28V.04A.15CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F281.12
386T1 3/4 MID GRV 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F141.12
387T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 28V .04A .30CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F281.12
388T1 3/4 MID GRV 28V .04A .3CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F281.12
394T1 3/4 SC MID FLG 12V 0.04A 0.12CPT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F120.48
397T1 3/4 MID GRV 10V .064A .68CPT-1 3/4Midget Grooved (S4S/8)C-2F106.4
399T1 3/4 MS 28V .4A .3CPT-1 3/4Midget Screw (E5)C-2F281.12
56T-1 3/4 WEDGE 5V .12A .15CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2R50.58
6034T1 3/4 28V .024A SC Midget FlangedT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F280.672
70T-1 3/4 Sub-Min WEDGE (2.1x4.9d) 14V .15A 1.5CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F142.1
73T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
7327T-1 3/4 GY3.2 BI-PIN 28V .04A .34CPT-1 3/4GY3.2 Bi PinC-2F281.12
7371T-1 3/4 BI-PIN 12V .04A .12CPT-1 3/4G3.17 Bi-PinC-2F120.48
7373T-1 3/4 BI-PIN 14V .1A .5CPT-1 3/4G3.17 Bi-PinC-2F141.4
7376T-1 3/4 BI-PIN 28V .06AT-1 3/4M-23 Bi-PinC-2F281.68
7381T-1 3/4 BI-PIN 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4M-23 Bi-PinC-2F6.31.26
7382T-1 3/4 BI-PIN 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4G3.17 Bi-PinC-2F141.12
73BT-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CP BLUET-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
73RT-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CP REDT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
74T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d ) 14V .10A .7CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.4
79T-1 3/4 WEDGE 6V .2A .6CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2R61.2
85T-1 3/4 WEDGE 28V .04A .3CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F281.12
86T-1 3/4 WEDGE 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F6.31.26
8918T1 3/4 14V .1A Wire TerminalT-1 3/4S.C. Midget FlangedC-2F141.4
PC37PC Socket Black, T1-3/4 lamp, 14VT-1 3/4Printed CircuitC-2F141.26
PC7474 WITH PC SOCKETT-1 3/4T1 3/4 SocketC-2F141.4

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