Miniature/Incandescent Base: Wedge (T-1 3/4)
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
17T-1 3/4 WEDGE 28V .07A .65CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F281.82
18T-1 3/4 WEDGE 14V .04A .13CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F140.56
37T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .09A .5CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.26
56T-1 3/4 WEDGE 5V .12A .15CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2R50.58
70T-1 3/4 Sub-Min WEDGE (2.1x4.9d) 14V .15A 1.5CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F142.1
73T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
74T-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d ) 14V .10A .7CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.4
79T-1 3/4 WEDGE 6V .2A .6CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2R61.2
85T-1 3/4 WEDGE 28V .04A .3CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F281.12
86T-1 3/4 WEDGE 6.3V .2A .4CPT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F6.31.26
73BT-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CP BLUET-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
73RT-1 3/4 WEDGE (W2.1X4.9d) 14V .08A .3CP REDT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)C-2F141.12
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