Miniature/Incandescent Base: S.F. Plastic Wedge
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
3155S8 WEDGE W2.5x16d 12.8V 1.44A 21CPS-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.820.48
3156 (P27W)S-8 S.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16d) 12.8V 2.1A 32CP (P27W)S-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.826.88
3155LLS8 12.8V 18.4W 1.44A S.F. PLASTIC WEDGE W2.5x16d LONG LIFES-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.820.48
3156LLS-8 S.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16d) 12.8V 2.1A 32CP LONG LIFES-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.826.88
3156NAS-8 S.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16d) 12.8V 2.1A 24CP NATURAL AMBERS-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.826.88
3456LLS8 WEDGE, 28.54W, 2.23A LONG LIFES-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.828.54
4156LLS8 S F WEDGE 12.8V 2.2A 24CP LONG LIFES-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.828.5
4156NALLS8 SF WEDGE 12.8V 2.20A 24CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFES-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.828.544
HIB3156 WMS-8 S.F. Wedge (W2.5X16d) 12.8V (P27W) WhiteMaxS-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.826.88
3156AS-8 SF WEDGE (W2.5X16d) 12.8V 2.1A 24CP PAINTED AMBERS-8S.F. Plastic WedgeC-612.826.88
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