Miniature/Incandescent Base: S.C. Miniature Flanged
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
K18KRYPTON PR 7.2V .55A 5.23CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R7.23.96
K4KRYPTON PR 2.2 .470A 0.47CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.21.034
KPR101KRYPTON PR 2.4V 0.52A 0.88CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.41.25
KPR102KRYPTON PR 2.4V .70A 1.3CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.41.68
KPR103KRYPTON PR 3.6V 0.70A 2.7CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.62.52
KPR104KRYPTON PR 2.2V .47A .47CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.21.034
KPR112KRYPTON PR 6.0V .75A 6.0CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R64.5
KPR113KRYPTON PR 4.8V .75A 4.06CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R4.83.6
KPR118KRYPTON PR 7.2V .55A 5.23CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R7.23.96
KPR130KRYPTON PR 3.850V 0.49A 0.96CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.851.9
KPR138KRYPTON PR 3.7V 0.86A .24CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.73.18
KPR18KRYPTON PR 7.2V .55A 5.23CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R7.23.96
PR1PR BULB 2V .95AB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R21.9
PR12PR BULB 5.95V .50A 3.10CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R5.952.975
PR13PR BULB 4.75V .50A 2.0CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R4.752.375
PR15PR BULB 4.82V .50A 2.00CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R4.822.41
PR16PR BULB 12.5V .25A 2.7CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R12.53.125
PR17PR BULB 4.9V .3A 1.2CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R4.91.47
PR18PR BULB 7.2V .55A 4.2CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R7.23.96
PR2PR BULB 2.38V .5A .80CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.381.19
PR20PR BULB 8.63V .50A 5.00CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R8.634.315
PR29PR29 3.6V 0.2A 0.60CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.60.72
PR3PR BULB 3.57V .50A 1.50CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.571.785
PR30PR BULB 3.75V .86A 2.25CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.753.225
PR31PR BULB 2.4V 0.7AB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.41.68
PR33PR BULB 2.6V 1A 1.7CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.62.6
PR4PR BULB 2.33V .27A .40CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.330.6291
PR6PR BULB 2.47V .30A .45CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.470.741
PR7PR BULB 3.70V .30A .90CPB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.71.11
PR9PR BULB 2.70V .15A .25CP 45 HOURSB-3 1/2S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R2.70.405
KPR12KRYPTON PR 12.0V 0.7A 14CP 15HT-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R128.4
XPR12XENON PR 12.0V 0.7A 13CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R128.4
XPR14XENON PR 14.4V 0.7A 17.5CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R14.410.1
XPR16XENON 15.6V 0.7A 14.3CP 150HT-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R15.610.92
XPR18XENON PR 18V 0.59A 14.3CP 150HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R1810.6
XPR19XENON PR 19.2V 0.60A 13.8CP 150HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V19.211.52
XPR3XENON PR 3.6V 0.85A 3.3CP 40HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.63.1
XPR24T3 1/4 24V 0.45A 180LM 150HRS XENON -SPECIAL BUYT3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V2410.8
XPR6XPR 6 VOLT LAMP-SPECIAL BUYT3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R64.5
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