Miniature/Incandescent Base: Printed Circuit
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
PC37PC Socket Black, T1-3/4 lamp, 14VT-1 3/4Printed CircuitC-2F141.26
2033T2 1/4, 13.5V, Plastic PCT-2 1/4Printed CircuitCC-613.53
PC118PC118 T2 1/4 Lamp PC Socket RedT-2 1/4Printed CircuitC-2V141.68
PC119PC119 T2 1/4 Lamp PC SOCKET BLUET-2 1/4Printed CircuitC-2V142.1
PC161161 WITH PC SOCKETT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F142.66
PC168BLUE PC SOCKET WITH T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .35A 3CP C-2FT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F144.9
PC194194 WITH PC SOCKETT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
PC195PC Socket Blue, T3-1/4 lamp, 14VT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
PC194G194 GREEN PAINTED WITH PC SOCKET T-5T-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
PC175175 WITH SOCKETT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F148.12
PC579PC579 T5 Lamp PC SOCKET GRAYT-5Printed CircuitC-2R12.810.2
2752MFT1 1/2 W/SOCKET 12V 1.5W BEIGET1 1/2Printed CircuitC-2V121.5
FLM0060T1 1/2 Tan PC Socket w/E37 & Red Silicon CapT1 1/2Printed Circuit
2841MFT3 1/4 24V 3W W/SOCKETT3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2R243
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