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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
LMG24-AT1 3/4, 24V, MIDGET GROOVE LED, AMBERT-1 3/4MG S4S/824.000.430AMBER
LMG24-RT1 3/4, 24V, MIDGET GROOVE LED, REDT-1 3/4MG S4S/824.000.430RED
LMG24-WT1 3/4, 24V, MIDGET GROOVE LED, WHITET-1 3/4MG S4S/824.000.430WHITE
LT0524WB-AT1 3/4 LED Wedge Amber 24VDCT-1 3/4W2.1X4.9d24VDC0.420Amber
LT0524WB-GT1 3/4 LED Wedge Green 24VDCT-1 3/4W2.1X4.9d24VDC0.420Green
LT0524WB-RT1 3/4 LED Wedge Red 24VDCT-1 3/4W2.1X4.9d24VDC0.420Red
LT0524WB-WT1 3/4 LED Wedge White 24VDCT-1 3/4W2.1X4.9d24VDC0.420White
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