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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
LMR16-3-WMR16 LED 12V 3W WHITEMR16GU5.312.003.90WHITE
LMR16-3-GMR16 LED 12V 3W GREENMR16GU5.312.003.90GREEN
LMR16-3-RMR16 LED 12V 3W REDMR16GU5.312.003.90RED
LMR16-3-WWMR16 LED 12V 3W Warm WhiteMR16GU5.312.003.90WARM WHITE
LMR16-3-YMR16 LED 12V 3W YELLOWMR16GU5.312.003.90YELLOW
LMR16-450-WLED GU5.3 5W 12 Vac/Vdc WhiteMR16GU5.3125.00White
LMR16-450-WWLED GU5.3 5W 12 Vac/Vdc Warm WhiteMR16GU5.3125.00Warm White
LPAR16-360-WPAR16 LED 100-240V 3.5W WHITEPAR16Medium Screw (E26)100.004.50WHITE
LPAR16-360-WWPAR16 LED 100-240V 3.5W WARM WHITEPAR16Medium Screw (E26)100.004.50WARM WHITE
LPAR20-660-WPAR20, LED, 100-240V, 7W, WHITE (3*2W)PAR20Medium Screw (E26)100.007.00WHITE
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