INCANDESCENT LAMPS' Combinations [any voltage]

Bulb: T-1 3/4 / Base: Wire Terminal
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
1705T1 3/4 14V 0.08A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.12
1783T1 3/4 WIRE TERM 2.5V .2A .22CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2R2.50.5
2162T1 3/4 14V 1.4W .1A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.4
2162DT1 3/4 WT 14V .1A .5CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.4
2182DT1 3/4 WT 14V .08A .3CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F141.12
2187T1 3/4 28V .04A .30CPT-1 3/4Wire TerminalC-2F281.12

Long Life Bulbs.
Natural Amber Glass Bulb.
Painted Amber Glass Bulb.
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