INCANDESCENT LAMPS' Combinations [any voltage]

Bulb: S-8 / Base: D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
1076S8 DC BA15d 12.8V 1.8A 32CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.823.04
1076IFS8 DC BA15d 12.8V 1.8A 32CP FROSTEDS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.823.04
110S-8 D.C. BA15d 44V 0.17A 6CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-7A447.48
1130S8 DC BAY 6.4V 2.63A 21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-66.416.832
1142S8 DC BA15d 12.8V 1.44A 21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.818.43
1152S8 DC BAY 12.8V 1.34A 21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.817.152
1156DCS8 DC BA15d 12.8V 2.1A 32CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.826.88
1158S8 DC BAY 6.4/7.0V 2.63/.75A 21/3CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6/C-66.4/716.83/5.25
1176S8 DC BAY 12.8/14.0V 21/6CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6/C-612.8/1417.15/8.26
1204S8 DC BAY 28.0V .71A 21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V2819.88
1228S8 DC BAY 32.0V .45A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V3214.4
1229S8 DC BAY 40.0V .38A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V4015.2
1376S8 DC 12.8/14.0V 1.6/.64A 21/6CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6/C-612.8/1420.48/8.96
1493S8 DC BAY 6.5V 2.75A 23CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-66.517.875
1584-IS8 DC BAY 4.0V 2.0A 8.8CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-648
1594S8 DC BAY 6V 5A 30WS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6630
1612S-8 D.C. BA15d 5.4V 1.86A 10CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-65.410.04
1638S-8 D.C. BA15d 28V 1.02A 32CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)2C-62828.56
1666S-8 D.C. BA15d 28V 0.68/0.68A 21/21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)CC-6/CC-628/2817.6/17.6
1692S-8 D.C. BA15d 28V .61A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)2C-62817.08
306S-8 D.C. BA15d 28V .51A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V2814.28
306IFS8 DC BAY 28V .51A 15CP FROSTEDS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V2814.28
308S8 DC BAY 28V .67A 21CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V2818.76
308IFS8 DC BAY 28V .67A 21CP FROSTEDS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V2818.76
4S8DC/6VS8 DC BAY 6.0V 0.67AS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-664
7439S8 DC BAY 24V .83AS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)CC-62420
7512S8 DC BAY 24V .875AS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-62421
8S-8 D.C. BAY15d 8.0V 2.2A 20CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-6817.6
88S8 DC BAY 6.8V 1.91A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-66.812.988
895S8 DC BAY 40V 0.53A 14CP BA15d S-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)CC-64021.2
94S-8 D.C. BA15d 12.8V 1.04A 15CPS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-612.813.312
CE10S-8 36V 25W BA15d NICKEL C-2VS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V3625
CE11S-8 48V 25W BA15d C-2VS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V4824
CE13S-8 36V 10W BA15d C-2VS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V369
CE14S-8 48V 10W BA15d C-2VS-8D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-2V489.6

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