INCANDESCENT LAMPS by Bulb Shape [any voltage]

Bulb: T-3 1/4
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
3175T3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
6411T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 12V 10W .83A 8CP 10x41MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
6413T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 11X41MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8124.80
6418 (C5W)T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP (SV8.5-8)12V .42A 3.58CP (C5W)T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
6424T11x41mm Festoon 24V 5WT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8245
642924V 10W 11X41MM SV8.5T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410.08
6461T3 1/4 12V 0.83A 8.35CP SV8.5-8T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175AT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM AMBERT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175BT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM BLUET-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175GT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM GREENT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175RT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM REDT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
FT1205XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 5W T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
FT1205XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 5W FROST T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
FT1210XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 10WT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
FT1210XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 10W FROSTT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
FT2410XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410
FT2410XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W-FROST T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410
HIB6418 WMT-3 1/4 Festoon Cap (SV8.5-8)12V (C5W) WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-813.55
HIB3175 WMT3 Festoon 12V 10W 10X31mm WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81310
6423 (C5W 24V)T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 24V 5W .20A 3.6CP SV8.5MMT-3 1/4Festoon Cap (SV8.5-8)C-8245
43T-3 1/4 BA9s 2.5 V .5A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R2.51.25
44T-3 1/4 BA9s 6.3V .25A .9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
45T-3 1/4 BA9s 3.2V .35A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R3.21.12
47T-3 1/4 BA9s 6.3V .15A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.30.945
49T3 1/4 Min BA9s 2V .06A .04CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)S-220.12
238T-3 1/4 BA9s 6.3V .5A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.33.15
239T-3 1/4 BA9s 6.3V .36A .67CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.32.268
313T3 1/4 Min BA9s 28V .17A 3.5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F284.76
316T3 1/4 Min BA9s 6V .7A 3.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R64.2
755T3 1/4 Min BA9s 6.3V .15A .33CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.30.945
756T3 1/4 Min BA9s 14V .08A .31CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F141.12
757T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .08A .62CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F282.24
967T3 1/4 M BAY 130V, 0.015AT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V1302
1408T3 1/4 M BAY 10.0V .13A .8CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V101.3
1488T3 1/4 M BAY 14.0V .15A 1.5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V142.1
1490T3 1/4 M BAY 3.2V.16A .2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R3.20.512
1810T3 1/4 M.BAY 6.3V .4A 1.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.32.52
1813T3 1/4 M BAY 14.4V .1A .86CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V14.41.44
1815T3 1/4 M BAY 14V .2A 1.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V142.8
1816T3 1/4 M BAY 13V .33A 3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V134.29
1818T3 1/4 M BAY 24V .17A 3.3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F244.08
1819T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .04A .34CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F281.12
1820T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .1A 1.6CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F282.8
1822T3 1/4 M BAY 36V .1A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F363.6
1826T3 1/4 M BAY 18V .15A 2.7CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2V182.7
1828T3 1/4 M BAY 37.5V .05A .65CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F37.51.875
1829T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .07A 1CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F281.96
1835T3 1/4 M BAY 55V .05A 1.1CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F552.75
1843T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .022A .2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F280.616
1847T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V .15A .38CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.30.945
1850T3 1/4 M BAY 5V .09A .25CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R50.45
1864T3 1/4 M BAY 28V .17A 3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F284.76
1866T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V .25A .65CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
1873T3 1/4 SC M BAY 28V .2A 3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F285.6
1888T3 1/4 M BAY 7V .5A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R73.5
1889T3 1/4 M BAY 14V .27A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F143.78
1891T3 1/4 M BAY 14V .24A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F143.36
1892T3 1/4 M BAY 14.4V .12A .75CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F14.41.728
1893T3 1/4 Min BA9s 14V .33A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F144.62
1898T3 1/4 M BAY 14V .24A 2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)2C-2R143.36
1906T3 1/4 M BAY 5V .07A .19CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-650.35
12/8W/MBT3 1/4 12V 8W MIN BAY BA9ST-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R128
32V/MBT3 1/4 32V MINIATURE BAYONETT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F322
36V/MBT2 1/2 48V .05A BA9ST-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F361.8
3T3 1/4/MB/30VT3 1/4 M BAY 30V 0.1AT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-7A303
3T3 1/4/MB/38VT3 1/4 M BAY 38V .08AT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-7A383
44BBLUE T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V .25A .9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
44GGREEN T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V 0.25A 0.9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
44OORANGE T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V .25A .9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
44RRED T3 1/4 M BAY 6.3V .25A .9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.31.575
48V/MBT3 1/4 48V 2W M BAYT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F482
1437T3 1/4 M BAY 24V .06A .9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2F241.44
238-IT-3 1/4 BA9s 6.3V .5A 2CP NICKEL BASET-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)C-2R6.33.15
130V/MBT-3 1/4 BA9s 130V 2.4W .018A .20CP T-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)CC-7A1302.4
40T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V .15A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.30.945
41T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 2.5V .5A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.51.25
46T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V.25A.9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.31.575
48T3 1/4 MS 2V .06A .04CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)S-220.12
1432T3 1/4 M SCREW 3.2V .16A .2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R3.20.512
1477T3 M SCREW 24.0V .17A 3.3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F244.08
1487T3 1/4 M SCREW 14.0V .2A 1.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V142.8
1821T3 1/4 M SCREW 28V .17A 3.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F284.76
1823T3 1/4 M SCREW 48V .1A 3.2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F484.8
1832T3 1/4 37.5V 0.65A (E10)T-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F4824.38
30V/MST3 1/4 30V 3W M SCREWT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F303
30V/MS-IT3 1/4 M.SCREW 30V 3W 0.1A NICKEL BASET-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F303
3T3 1/4/150VT3 1/4 M SCREW 150V .02AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-7A1503
3T3 1/4/MS/28VT3 1/4 M SCREW 28V .11AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-7A283.18
48V/MST3 1/4 M SCREW 48V 0.042AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F482
48V/MS-IT3 1/4 M SCREW 48V .04A 1.4CP NickelT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F482
PC161161 WITH PC SOCKETT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F142.66
PC168BLUE PC SOCKET WITH T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .35A 3CP C-2FT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F144.9
PC194194 WITH PC SOCKETT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
PC195PC Socket Blue, T3-1/4 lamp, 14VT-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
PC194G194 GREEN PAINTED WITH PC SOCKET T-5T-3 1/4Printed CircuitC-2F143.78
KPR12KRYPTON PR 12.0V 0.7A 14CP 15HT-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R128.4
XPR12XENON PR 12.0V 0.7A 13CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R128.4
XPR14XENON PR 14.4V 0.7A 17.5CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R14.410.1
XPR16XENON 15.6V 0.7A 14.3CP 150HT-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R15.610.92
XPR18XENON PR 18V 0.59A 14.3CP 150HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R1810.6
XPR19XENON PR 19.2V 0.60A 13.8CP 150HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V19.211.52
XPR3XENON PR 3.6V 0.85A 3.3CP 40HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.63.1
127T-3 1/4 WEDGE 2.57V .25A .45CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R2.570.64
147T-3 1/4 WEDGE 7.0V .43A 2.0CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R73.01
152T-3 1/4 WEDGE 28.0V .065A .85CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F281.82
158T-3 1/4 WEDGE T-3 1/4 (W2.1X9.5d) 14.0V .24A 2CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V143.36
159T3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .15A .34CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.30.95
161T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .19A 1CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F142.66
168T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .35A 3CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F144.9
168LLT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .35A 3CP LONG LIFET-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F144.9
184T-3 1/4 WEDGE 14.4V .24A 1.0CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F14.43.456
192T-3 1/4 WEDGE 13V .33A 3CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V134.29
193T-3 1/4 WEDGE 14V .33A 2CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F144.62
194T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A 2CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
259T3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .65CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F6.31.575
280T-3 1/4 WEDGE 10V .13A .85CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V101.3
285T-3 1/4 WEDGE 5V .09A .25CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R50.45
400T3 1/3 WEDGE 28V .1A 1.6CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F282.8
447T3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .15A .52CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V6.30.945
464T3 1/4 WEDGE 28V .17A 3CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F284.76
555T3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
558T3 1/4 WEDGE 13V .33AT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V134.29
585T3 1/4 WEDGE 28V .04A .3CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F281.12
590T3 1/4 WEDGE 13.5V, 0.37AT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F13.55
591T3 1/4 WEDGE 14V, 0.21AT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143
655T3 1/4 WEDGE 28V .2A 3CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F285.6
656T3 1/4 WEDGE 28V .06A .62CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F281.68
657T3 1/4 WEDGE 28V .08A .62CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F282.24
658T3 1/4 WEDGE 14V .08A .31CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F141.12
1211XT3 1/4 WEDEGE XENON 12V 11WT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V1211
HIB194 WMT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 14V WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
1112T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 12V 1.2W .1A 2CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F121.2
2821 (W3W)T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 12V 3W .25A 1.76CP (W3W)T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V123
2825 (W5W)T-3 1/4 Wedge (W2.1X9.5d) 12V .4A 4.0CP (W5W 12V)T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
2845 (W5W 24V)T3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 24V 0.208A 2.45CP (W5W 24V)T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V245
3652T3 1/4 WEDGE 13.5V 6CP HONDAT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R13.54.995
1250X-2T3 1/4 13.5V .37A 4CP XENONT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V13.54.995
194AT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A 1.5CP PAINTED AMBER GLASST-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194BT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 14V .27A 2CP BLUE PAINTED GLASST-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194GT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A GREEN PAINTEDT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194LLT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A 2CP LONG LIFET-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194NAT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A NATURAL AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194PT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A PURPLE PAINTEDT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194RT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d)14V .27A RED PAINTED T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194WS-KT-3 1/4 WEDGE BASE SOCKET W/194 BULB 14V .27A 2CPT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
194YT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .27A YELLOW PAINTEDT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F143.78
2450XT3 1/4 24V .208A 4.4CP XENONT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V244.992
2450XFT3 1/4 24V .208A 4.4CP XENON FROSTEDT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V244.992
2475XT3 1/4 WEDGE 24V .31A XENONT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F247.5
259XT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25AT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F6.31.58
2821LLT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 12V 3W .25A 1.76CP LONG LIFET-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V123
2825AT-3 1/4 Wedge (W2.1X9.5d) 12V .4A 4.0CP (W5W 12V) PAINTED AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
2825LLT-3 1/4 Wedge (W2.1X9.5d) 12V .4A 4.0CP (W5W 12V) Long LifeT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
359XT3 1/4 WEDGE XENON 14V 0.214A 25 LUMENT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V143
2825BT-3 1/4 Wedge (W2.1X9.5d) 12V .4A 4.0CP (W5W 12V) BLUE COATINGT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
555AT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CP-AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
555BT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CP-BLUET-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
555GT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CP-GREENT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
555RT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CP-REDT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
555YT3 1/4 WEDGE 6.3V .25A .9CP-YELLOWT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2R6.31.575
HIB168 WMT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F144.9
168AT-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.2d) 14V .35A AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F144.9
2841 (W3W 24V)T3 1/4 WEDGE 24V 3W (W3W)T-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V243
2827 (WY5W)T-3 1/4 12V .417A WEDGE NATURAL AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
2827A (WY5W CA)T-3 1/4 12V .417A WEDGE PAINTED AMBERT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2V124.8
175T-3 1/4 WEDGE (W2.1X9.5d) 14V .58A 8.12WT-3 1/4Wedge (T-3 1/4)C-2F148.12
168ET-3 1/4 WEDGE 14V .35A with Lead WireT-3 1/4Wire TerminalC-2F144.9
193ET3 1/4 WEDGE 14V .33AT-3 1/4Wire TerminalC-2F144.62
464ET3 1/4 28V 0.17A WEDGET-3 1/4Wire TerminalC-2F284.76

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