Halogen Bulb: T3 1/2
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
H11 55WT3 1/2 12V 55W PGJ19-2 HALOGENT3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-81255
H11 55W LLT3 1/2 12V 55W PGJ19-2 LONGLIFE HALOGENT3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-81255
H11 70WLL 24VT3 1/2 24V 70W PGJ19-2 LONGLIFE HALOGENT3 1/2PGJ19 - 1C-82470
H11BT3 1/2 12V 55W PGJY19-2 HALOGENT3 1/2PGJY19-2C-81255
H3 100WT3 1/2 12V 100W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-612100
H3 100W/24VT3 1/2 28V 100W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-628100
H3 130WT3 1/2 12V 130W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-612130
H3 25WT3 1/2 12V 25W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-61225
H3 35WT3 1/2 12V 35W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-61245
H3 35W 24VT3 1/2 24V 35W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-62435
H3 55W/36VT3 1/2 36V 55W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-63668
H3 55W/48VT3 1/2 48V 55W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-64855
H3 55W/6V T3 1/2 6V 55W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-6663
H3 55W HDT3 1/2 12V 55W PK22s HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-61355
H3 55W LLT3 1/2 12V 55W PK22s LONGLIFE HALOGENT3 1/2PK22sC-61355
H7 55WT3 1/2 12V 55W PX26d HALOGENT3 1/2PX26dC-81256
H7 55W LLT3 1/2 12V 55W PX26d LONGLIFE HALOGENT3 1/2PX26dC-81256
H7 70WT3 1/2 12V 70W PX26d HALOGENT3 1/2PX26dC-81270
H7 70WLL 24VT3 1/2 24V 70W PX26d LONGLIFE HALOGENT3 1/2PX26dC-82470
HIBH11 UltraMaxT3 1/2 12V 60W 4.5A XWU HIB UltraMax Twin PackT3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-81260
HIBH7 UltraMax T3 1/2 12V 55W 4.3A PX26d XWU HIB UltraMax Twin PackT3 1/2PX26dC-81255W
H16 (64219)T3 1/2 12V 19W PGJ19-3 HALOGENT3 1/2PGJ19-3C-81219
H7 24V 70WT3 1/2 24V 70W PX26dT3 1/2PX26dC-82470
HIBH7 WhiteMax T3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A PX26d HIB WhiteMax 2-PackT3 1/2PX26dC-81255W
HIBH11 WhiteMaxT3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB WhiteMax 2-PackT3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-81255
H8BT3-1/2 PGJY19-1 H8B 12V 35W HALOGENT3 1/2PGJY19-1C-81235
HIBH11 BrightMaxT3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB BrightMax 2-PackT3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-81255
HIBH7 BrightMax T3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A PX26d HIB BrightMax 2-PackT3 1/2PX26dC-81255W

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