Miniature Bulb: T-6 1/2
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
20T6 1/2DC/120VT6 120V 20W DC BAY BASET-6 1/2D.C. Bayonet (BA15d)C-812020
20T6 1/2N/120VT6 120V 20W E17 BASET-6 1/2Intermediate Screw (E17)C-812020
7440 (W21W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE W3X16d 12V 21W (W21W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-61221
7440AT-6 1/2 13.5V WEDGE W3X16d PAINTED AMBERT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-61221
7440LL (W21W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE (W3X16d) 12V 21W LONG LIFE (W21W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-61221
7440NA (WY21W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE W3X16d 12V 21W NATURAL AMBER (WY21W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-61221
7440NALL (WY21W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE (W3X16d) 12V 21W NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFE (WY21W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-61221
7441T6 WEDGE 1/2 12.8V 27W (W27W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-612.827
7443 (W21/5W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE W3X16q 12V 21/5W (W21/5W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-61221/5
7443AT-6 1/2 WEDGE W3X16q 13.5V 25W PAINTED AMBERT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-61221/5
7443LL (W21/5W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE (W3X16q) 12V 21/5W LONG LIFE (W21/5W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-61221/5
7443NA (WY21/5W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE W3X16q 12V 21/5W NATURAL AMBER (WY21/5W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-61221/5
7443NALL (WY21/5W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE (W3X16q) 12V 21/5W NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFE (WY21/5W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-61221/5
7444T-6 1/2 WEDGE 12.8/14V 28/8WT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-612.8/ 14V28 / 8
7444AT-6 1/2 WEDGE 12.8/14V 28/8W PAINTED AMBERT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-612.8/ 14V28 / 8
7444LLT-6 1/2 WEDGE 12.8/14V 28/8W LONG LIFET-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-612.8/ 14V28 / 8
7444NA (WY28/8W)T-6 1/2 WEDGE 12.8/14V 28/8W NATURAL AMBER (WY28/8W)T-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-612.8/ 14V28 / 8
HIB7440 WMT-6 1/2 Wedge W3X16d 12V 21W (W21W) WhiteMaxT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-613.525
HIB7443 WMT-6 1/2 Wedge W3X16q 12V 21/5W (W21/5W) WhiteMaxT-6 1/2Wedge (T-6 1/2)C-6/C-613.5/13525/6

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