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Image Part # Description Volts Watts Bulb Shape Base Style Filament
HIB9145 BrightMaxT4 12V 45W (H10) HIB BrightMax 2-Pack12V45WT4Right Angle Prefocus(PY20d)C-8
HIB9145 WhiteMaxT4 12V 45W (H10) HIB WhiteMax 2-Pack12V45WT4Right Angle Prefocus(PY20d)C-8
HIBH11 BrightMaxT3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB BrightMax 2-Pack1255T3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-8
HIBH11 UltraMaxT3 1/2 12V 60W 4.5A XWU HIB UltraMax Twin Pack1260T3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-8
HIBH11 WhiteMaxT3 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB WhiteMax 2-Pack1255T3 1/2PGJ19 - 2C-8
HIBH1 BrightMaxT2 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB BrightMax 2-Pack1255WT2 1/2P14.5sC-8
HIBH1 UltraMaxT2 1/2 12V 65W 4.3A XWU HIB UltraMax Twin Pack12.865WT2 1/2P14.5sC-8
HIBH1 WhiteMaxT2 1/2 12V 55W 4.58A HIB WhiteMax 2-Pack1255WT2 1/2P14.5sC-8
HIBH3 BrightMax T3 1/4 12V 55W 4.58A PK22s HIB BrightMax 2-Pack1255WT3 1/4PK22sC-6
HIBH3 UltraMax T3 1/4 12V 55W 4.3A PK22s XWU HIB UltraMax Twin Pack1255WT3 1/4PK22sC-6
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